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Turn back, before it's too late

Your eyes can be so cruel, just as I can be so cruel

Ringo Lennon
23 January

Best Friends Are Forever Love

Joslyn is Smikeelian love

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Let's see:
I'm confused.

Random facts:
I have crazy hair...
Calzones are nice...
I'm in a band...
I <3 Barry teehee...
Music is always good...
I love my green penguin boxers that I stole from Barry...

Name: Ringolennon

Age: 60

Favorite Food: Cheese Fries

Favorite Hobby: Playing music

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silverchair is love
silverchair is love.
5 cent deposit, adam sandler, afi, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, bare jr., beastie boys, beatles, beethoveen, billy idol, billy joel, blink 182, blue, bob dylan, bon jovi, bram stoker, bramstokers dracula, bright eyes, chalupas, cheese, cheese burgers, cheese fries, chicken cheese, classical music, coheed and cambria, cold weather, dalys gone wrong, david bowie, death, diluted society, dracula, dracula 2000, drool, dropkick murphys, dudes, dvds, eating paste and playdoh, edgar allan poe, eiffel 65, emo, eve6, everclear, fall, fight club, films, finch, flogging molly, friends, fries, genuine imitations, george harrison, gir, goo goo dolls, green day, grunge, hardcore, horror, horror movies, imagine, invader zim, james dean, jim carrey, jiminy cricket, jimmie's chicken shack, jimmy eat world, john lennon, labyrinth, less than jake, linkin park, lit, little nicky, live, lord byron, lord of the dead, lord of the rings, love, maniacs, marilyn manson, marshmallows, metal, metallica, misfits, mist, monopoly, monty python, moshing, movies, mozart, mudvayne, my december, my huve, neopets, never ending story, new found glory, nine inch nails, oddities, paul mccartney, penguin, percy bysshe shelley, pezcore, pi, poison the well, poking things, punk, punk horror hotel, radiohead, rage against the machine, ringo starr, rock, rxbandits, sarcasm, saves the day, screamo, silverchair, ska, smell of wet laundry, smikolaka, snow, someone, spongebob, stroke 9, sum 41, taco bell, teeth and dentists, terror, the beatles, the doors, the kezners, the ramones, the used, the who, they might be giants, third eye blind, thrice, through the looking glass, thursday, tim burton films, tori, vampires, vampirism, weezer, wendys, wes craven, william shakespeare, wind, winter, writing, your day strong, zebrahead